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  • Tungsten Hand-Painted LQJ Jigs are small but fish heavy. These jigs are designed at a 45 degree angle with "sticky sharp" Japan Hayabusa hooks to provide excellent action as well as hook-ups.  These Jigs allow you to get down to the fish quickly once a school has been located, or just back down to catch another.

    Tungsten ice jigs have huge advantages over lead for ice fishing, being 40% smaller but the same weight as lead, they fall through the water column must faster. Tungsten is so much more sensitive than lead that you feel a lot of strikes you may have been missing, it is like having sonar on the end of the line. more bites,more fish

    1.97% purity tungsten ice jig head
    2.Unpainted, anodized, painted colors
    3. "sticky sharp" Japan Hayabusa hooks

  •  Pink, Blue, Chartreuse
  • Glows  Green   
  • 4 sizes:
    • 3mm, hook size #16, 0.28g
    • 4mm, hook size #14, 0.62g
    • 5mm, hook size #12, 1.15g
    • 6mm , hook size # 8 2.6g