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Ripping Rap Lure

Lipless Crankbaits Hard VIB Vibration Bait All Depth Fishing Tackle


  1. Stainless steel metal weight on the outside lip allowing for more room for the lure to make a rattling vibration.
  2. Designed to have the best balance so the lure can swim at the slowest possible retrieval speeds for especially tough conditions.
  3. It also has been designed to have long distance casting ability so you can cover more water and catch more fish!
  4. Specially designed weighted system makes it possible for the lure to stand straight up when it hits the bottom and increases the space inside the bait.This will create less snagging than traditional types of lipless crankbaits.


  • Weight: 17.2G
  • Length: 70MM
  • Eyes: 3D-Nature Eyes
  • Color: 6 Different Colors(the color A is UV Color)
  • Hooks: Qualitied MUSTAD Hooks
  • Action: Sinking