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Orange Crush


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Orange Crush - larsonsqualityjigs

Sold in packs of 5

Jig description

The jig has long been a favorite technique among fisherman. The lead head and hook may not look like much but its simplicity is vastly overshadowed by its versatility. Cast it, pitch it, drag it, or rip it. Tip it with live bait or a plastic. Lakes, rivers, or streams, the jig has applications for everything all season long. Dedicated jig fisherman have earned their skills over time. An art form even. And dedicated jig fishermen demand Quality. Hooks must stay sharp and paint must stay on the jig, not the rocks below. A wire keeper means your bait or plastic stays pinned to the hook shank for maximum effectiveness. Quality is exactly what you will find in the Larson's Quality Jigs Tear Drops. Check out the new selection at today!

Hook sizes

1/0 on 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16
2/0 on 1/4
3/0 on 5/16
4/0 on 1/2

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